Passport To The Corner Office

A must-read for anyone looking to start or reach the next peak in their career.
— Josh Linkner, NY Times Bestselling Author, Disciplined Dreaming

Everyone dreams about running a major corporation. But getting to, and staying in, the corner office isn’t easy. Change is constant, decisions can turn on a dime, and there’s always someone angling or conspiring to get your job. To sustain long-term success requires ambition, street smarts, diplomacy, self-esteem, and a strong educational foundation.

In Passport To The Corner Office, award-winning business editor and writer R.J. King shows you how to prepare for — and maintain — success in the corporate, civic, and political world. Whether you’ve chartered a course to lead an executive team, a digital startup, a research laboratory, or a charitable foundation, Mr. King offers proven methods from hundreds of interviews with change leaders throughout the world to grasp, take hold, and drive success in any job or assignment.

For the first time, Passport to the Corner Office offers students, professionals, and future CEOs proven tools to achieve success in any career field. Combining simple-to-understand business principles with real world applications, learn how to create game-shifting innovations, breakthrough systems, and incremental daily improvements in your professional and personal life.

The book also offers a Corporate Resource Guide that covers business etiquette skills, successful networking tips, a formal dining guide, and a comprehensive listing of what to tip service providers such as a maitre d’, a manicurist, or an executive driver. In addition, there are interview techniques for employers and job recruits alike that will empower and monetize positive change for years to come.


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